Adtelligent Product Updates Q1 2022

Adtelligent focuses on providing the best technical solutions for its partners and customers while constantly improving and bringing its products up to date. 

We want to keep you updated on all vital changes within our platforms. You can find the latest ones below. 

Adtelligent Core 

Adtelligent Consent Management Platform

A beta version of Adtelligent CMP is now available. You can try it out and provide your suggestions to help further develop the product. In addition, you can get an exclusive look at this long-awaited solution and be the first one to test it out. Get access to the beta version of our CMP.

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Header Bidding Platform

  • Ad performance auto-optimization feature
Header Bidding Yield Increase

The new functionality added to our Header Bidding solution improves ad load speed by 100% on the web pages. In addition, it allows connecting an unlimited amount of SSPs during the auction without affecting the loading speed and volumes of ad impressions. The implementation of this feature can lead to an additional yield increase of up to 10%.

Demand Side Platform 

In the first quarter of 2022, our specialists enabled such DSP features: 

  • DSP supply (3rd-party traffic sources) feature

This functionality lets our clients connect their third-party traffic sources from a single UI. This feature can be turned on by going to the Main menu and ticking the box opposite the DSP Supply option.

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