Love for sports is a global phenomenon. No matter where you go, you’re bound to …

Love for sports is a global phenomenon. No matter where you go, you’re bound to find people watching and loving the same sport as you. Similarly, we aim to bring people in the ad tech world together.

‘Humans of AdTech’ is an initiative by AdPushup that features stories of people who’re adding value to the ad tech industry in the hopes of motivating anyone looking to build a name for themselves on the internet with their journeys.

Through #HumansOfAdTech, we shed light on both the emerging and well-known websites and also on the people who run them. We also discuss how these websites inspire us to publish better!


Sports have die-hard followers. Followers who come together to form beautiful communities, sharing their love for that sport and all its aspects. One such beloved aspect of the sporting world that is very crucial to any game and its players is – logos and jerseys.

And there is one website that’s really passionate about it, recording all the graphic design updates from the world of sports in one place –

When a 14 years old Chris first launched this website in 1997, little did he know that it would go on to become one of the largest communities of sports enthusiasts.

Over the years, the website has grown into a large community that loves and appreciates even minor details in team logos, uniforms, helmets, and more. In its own words, is like a “virtual museum dedicated to the past, present and future of graphic design in the world of sports.”

Chris, the founder, is a Durham College graduate with a degree in Web Development and Multimedia Management. He has worked various jobs as a web developer and as a Sports Columnist and Researcher.

Skilled in PHP, WordPress, HTML, Digital Marketing, and Social Media, he is a man of many talents indeed!

But that’s not it!

Despite keeping busy with his full-time job, Chris continued to nurture SportsLogos to its climb up the success ladder.

He has been building a name and place for himself in the industry. And while we celebrate his success so far, you can be sure to witness more of what Chris is yet to achieve!

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