Offer test: Browser extension offer in Australia with Popunder traffic

As you may know, we are testing new offers on our platform to inspire you running more different campaigns at Noviclick. This time we tested a browser extension in Australia. We tested this offer on our premium Popunder traffic. With an offer test we send a small amount of traffic to the offer so we can show you easily some results. We hope this test will inspire you to test this offer and maybe more that are available in our offer wall.



Ad Format: Popunder trafficadblocker extension

Vertical: Browser extensions
Country: Australia (AU)
Period: 2022-06-18 – 2022-07-18
Offer: Adblocker Extension from: Noviclick
Prelanders: No prelander
Payout: 0.90/0.80 (when you run it on our platform you will get the highest payout)

Total Spent: $95.04
Total Revenue: $118.10
Total Conversions: 136
Profit: $23,06
ROI: 24.26%


Campaign settings

Ad Format: Popunder traffic
Pricing Model: CPC
Bid: $0,02 ($20CPM)
Categories: Mainstream/Adult
Countries: Australia
Device Types: Desktop
Operating Systems: All
Browsers: Chrome & Edge
Traffic type: Premium traffic



Because it’s a popunder campaign you don’t need any creatives.


Noviclick stats

As can be seen in the statistics below the offers is running positive ROI. This campaign is running a positive ROI without optimizing anything, so there are a lot of opportunities.



There is still a lot potential for browser extension offers with popunder traffic, the next step would be to scale the campaign with a whitelist. Also, some optimizations can be made with excluding site id’s to increase the ROI even further. Beside the optimizations this offer is also available for more GEOs: CA, GB, US and now also for Firefox. When we started running this offer it wasn’t available for Firefox and other GEOs.


Test this offer


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