The Growing Importance of Transparency with AI-Generated Content

As the world is quickly shifting in the era of rapid technological advancement, AI-generated content has become an increasingly important factor to consider.

With the increasing prevalence of AI-generated content, it is essential to address the issue of transparency surrounding original and AI-generated content. Big Village conducts a regular sentiment measurement to understand the shift in attitudes and perspectives of different demographics. The results revealed a growing concern among various demographic groups around the transparency of AI-generated content.

In this article, we will explore the growing importance of transparency with AI-generated content, the influence of Gen AI in shifting perspectives, and the usage of AI-generated content amongst Millennials and Gen Z.

The Increasing Significance

According to our Emerging Technology study, the most recent wave conducted in April highlights a significant rise in proportion of individuals who perceive it as a concern when content fails to explicitly indicate whether it is generated by AI or original. This growing concern has caught the attention of various demographic groups, including Women (59%) and Gen X (64%). It is noteworthy that while Millennials (58%) continue to hold the most liberal view on this matter among generations, there has been no significant change in their perception compared to previous waves.

Millennials and AI-Generated Content

Interestingly, Millennials were found to be less likely to take issue with using pieces of content to produce new AI-generated works in the April wave (51%) compared to the March wave (60%). This indicates a shift in their perception and perhaps a greater acceptance of the capabilities and creative potential of AI. Moreover, this trend was consistent across genders, with no significant difference observed within the Millennial cohort.

The Influence of Gen AI in Shifting Perspectives

The influence of AI-generated content, often referred to as Gen AI, has been widely covered in the media. However, our recent Emerging Technology study suggests that fewer people are confused by the concept and are increasingly aware of Gen AI, even if they have not personally used it. This growing awareness has sparked the formation of opinions surrounding the transparency and policies of utilizing Gen AI.

Gen Z and Millennials: The Power Users

Gen Z and Millennials have emerged as the most significant users of Gen AI. However, the usage rates between these two demographic groups have not shown significant differences. It is intriguing to observe that these younger generations, often considered tech-savvy and early adopters, continue to utilize Gen AI at consistent levels. This suggests that the appeal and benefits of AI-generated content resonate strongly across these cohorts, irrespective of any shifts in perception.


As the waves of technological progress continue to shape our world, the concerns and attitudes surrounding AI-generated content evolve alongside them. The recent studies highlight a significant increase in the number of individuals who believe that content should be labeled to indicate whether it is original or AI-generated. As sentiment continues to shift, a clear understanding is necessary to successfully target consumers with relevant messages. While Millennials have displayed a liberal view on this matter, other demographics, such as Gen X and Women, have shown notable shifts in their perspectives. As we move forward, ensuring transparency and addressing the concerns of the public will be vital in maintaining trust and ethical practices within the realm of AI-generated content.

Note: This text was composed using insights derived from our Emerging Technology survey, with the assistance of Generative AI (ChatGPT), to assist in the writing process.


Written by Joe Merchant, Director, Business Advisory at Big Village Insights.

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