The Latest Offerwall Trends: What Mobile App Marketers Need to Know

In the mobile app marketing world, offerwalls can play a key role in UA (user acquisition) and long-term retention. They can also encourage more IAPs, which saw significant decreases in 2022. Thus, it’s critical to stay in the know about new trends in these areas and how you can capitalize on them.

Offerwalls: More Than Just Gaming

Offerwalls have been part of the app ecosystem for a long time. Offerwalls began as a way to deliver opt-in rewarded advertising, mainly in the gaming categories. What makes offerwalls unique is that they don’t look like ads, yet they require greater engagement than passive banner ads that appear in the footer during gameplay. 

What’s made them successful is aligning the expectation of engagement and the reward. In most cases, for gaming, that’s more tokens or other game-specific extras. But gaming isn’t the only use case for offerwalls.

They can also work in other apps with engage-and-offer models like promoting subscriptions or any type of purchases. The offerwall becomes a vehicle to establish the user in the app and then receive an incentive to remain there. 

Offerwalls can also be a part of your UA and retention strategy with:

  • Featured placement opportunities. 
  • Inserting them at crucial moments of interaction based on your data.
  • Testing out multiple campaigns with offerwalls to gather more intel on levels of engagement.
  • Offering a sneak peek at a premium experience, which could then lead to more IAPs. 


Based on the potential, let’s look at how to capitalize on new trends.

Capitalizing on Offerwall Trends

So, what trends should shape your offerwall strategy?

Engagement Time: Optimizing What’s Resonating

An important metric to consider when discussing trends is the amount of time users spend on offerwalls. In many scenarios, time spent with these ad units is much greater than any other. That’s it’s more engaging and seems to be part of the app experience, and there’s also the incentive piece. 

Obviously, you want users to spend more time in your app so that it becomes part of their daily routine. Whether it’s a game, a utility, a finance app, or a shopping app, more time usually equates to spending. It’s time to dissect the engagement time and optimize what’s working. To do this at scale, you’ll need an offerwall provider with features to customize  images, animation, content, and descriptions. Additionally, you should be able to use CPE (cost per engagement) models across Android and iOS. 

The Offerwall to IAP Pipeline

Users who engage with offerwalls are 10 to 14 times more likely to make IAPs. The reason behind these numbers is likely:

  • Users get a preview of an experience and realize it’s worth the purchase.
  • The rewards associated with the offerwall action are discounts for IAPs.

So, you really want to work on and optimize this pipeline. Focus on users with the most interactions with offerwalls, improving the rewards as their engagement grows. Deploying CPEs through the offerwall will nudge them toward that subscription or purchase. If the messaging is consistent and relevant, you can convert that user into a revenue stream. After one purchase, continue a campaign of CPEs for additional future buys.

Offerwalls and First-Time User Experiences

A first-time user experience, also known as FTUE, is what you’d expect—the first impression of your app. You certainly want this to be positive because, as we all know, first impressions matter. If it’s a bad user experience, they may abandon the app completely. 

Guiding new users through your app with engaging onboarding, simple registration, and excellent design helps you maximize this, and offerwalls can help. Many people want to dive right into an app and get frustrated. If offerwalls present a reward for going through onboarding or registration, they’ll get the most value from the app and keep using it.

Time-Limited, Special Offers

Urgency behind an offerwall promotion can drive action. It’s no secret that when people know a deal is time-limited, they’ll make a quicker decision. You need to make sure the offer is meaningful and something they can’t access or receive in any other channel. If it has an air of exclusivity, users will want to say yes. In addition to being time-limited, you can make it user-limited with a graphic that shows how many of these deals are left, which could create a lot of excitement.

Drive Engagement and Revenue with Offerwalls from AdAction

Any way you want to leverage offerwalls, AdAction can support your efforts. Our offerwall capabilities are broad and distinctive. They deliver hundreds of millions of clicks each year and can hit unique user bases in over 150 countries. Learn more about how you can use offerwalls and why our inventory is so impactful by downloading Everything App Marketers and Publishers Need to Know About Offerwalls.

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