Instagram Broadcast Channels: New Features and Popular Channels in India

Today we’re expanding Instagram broadcast channels globally¹, giving millions of creators a new way to directly engage with their followers at scale. We’re also highlighting a few channels that are live in India already, which you can choose to join. 

To help creators deepen their connections with their followers, in February we began testing broadcast channels on Instagram. Broadcast channels are a public one-to-many messaging tool that creators can invite all of their followers into and share text, video and photo updates. Creators can also use voice notes to share their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments, and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback. Only creators can send messages in broadcast channels, while followers can react to content and vote in polls.

How Do Broadcast Channels Work?

Once a creator gets access to broadcast channels and sends the first message from their Instagram inbox, their followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. Anyone can discover the broadcast channel and view the content, but only followers who join the channel will receive notifications whenever there are updates.

Followers can leave or mute broadcast channels at any time and can also control their notifications from creators by going to a creator’s profile, tapping the bell icon and selecting “broadcast channel.”

Notifications will default to “some,” but this setting can be changed to “all” or “none.” Other than the invitation notification, followers will not get any other notifications about a broadcast channel unless they add the channel to their inbox. Once a channel is added to their inbox, it will appear among other message threads, and notifications will be turned on and function like any other chat.

As soon as the broadcast channel is live, creators can also encourage their followers to join by using the “join channel” sticker in Stories or by pinning the channel link to their profile .

Here’s How to Join a Broadcast Channel:

  • Access the broadcast channel link via a creator’s Story sticker, the link pinned to their Instagram profile or, as an existing follower, a one-time notification sent when a creator starts a new channel.
  • Tap “Join broadcast channel.” People who are not yet following the creator will be prompted to do so.
  • After joining the channel, followers can react to content and vote in polls, but cannot send messages. They can also share a link to their favorite creators’ broadcast channels so friends can follow and join.

New and Upcoming Features

We’re also sharing updates on new and upcoming features aimed at making broadcast channels even more fun and interactive: 

  • Collaborators enable creators to invite other creators (or fans) to participate in their broadcast channel. Whether it’s an expert interview or a casual hangout, fans can now follow conversations between their favorite creators and their special guests. This is now available globally.
  • We’re testing additional features such as the ability for creators to use question prompts to gather feedback and responses from followers and a dedicated channels tab in the inbox so people can easily access their joined channels and discover new ones. These are in early testing and not yet available in India.
  • Lastly, we’re exploring new controls to help creators manage and promote their broadcast channels, like setting an expiration date and time on their channel, adding a moderator to help manage members, messages and content and sharing a link or even a preview to Stories to encourage followers to join. 

Check Out Popular Broadcast Channels in India 

The following public figures, teams and creators have already started their broadcast channels. Head to their profiles and tap the link in their bios (accessible via mobile only):

  • MC Stan (@m___c___stan): Rapper, singer, composer and writer. 1M members on his channel named ‘Aai Zavun Tak Mitra Mandal’.
  • Faisal Shaikh (@mr_faisu_07): Content Creator. 351k members on his channel named ‘Faisusquad’.
  • Mumbai Indians (@mumbaiindians): professional franchise cricket team based in Mumbai. 311k members on their channel named ‘MI Channel’.
  • ICC (@icc): International Cricket Council, the global governing body for cricket. 294k members on their channel named ‘#WTC23 The Ultimate Test
  • Smriti Mandhana (@smriti_mandhana): Indian Cricketer; part of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team. 251k members on her channel named ‘SM18 FamJam
  • Payal Gaming (@payalgamingg):  Gaming creator. 180k and 25k for her channels named ‘Payal Fam <3’ and ‘s8ul Fam <3’ respectively.
  • Armaan Malik (@armaanmalik): Singer and songwriter. 112k members on his channel named ‘next 2 you’.
  • Karan Sonawane (@focusedindian) : Content creator. 33k members on his channel named ‘Focused Mandal’.
  • Divija Bhasin (@awkwardgoat3): Content creator. 7.9k members for her channel named ‘Goatnation’.
  • Yes, We Exist (@yesweexistindia): an LGBTQIA+ community. 5.5k members for their channel named ‘Yes, We Exist’.

Privacy and Safety

Broadcast channels are subject to Instagram’s Community Guidelines so people can feel safe and welcome being a part of them. People can report both a broadcast channel itself or specific content shared in the channel, which can be removed if it goes against our policies.

Broadcast channels are also public and discoverable chat experiences, so they’re treated differently than private messaging on Instagram. We have tools and reviewers to help us identify, review or remove content in broadcast channels that may violate our Community Guidelines — often before anyone sees it.

  1. Broadcast Channels on Instagram will be rolling out globally over the coming weeks.

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