Widely Viewed Content Report, Third Quarter 2022

Today, we’re publishing the Widely Viewed Content Report (WVCR) for the third quarter of 2022. This report was created to both provide more transparency about the most-viewed organic content in Feed on Facebook in the US and to hold ourselves accountable to improve the quality of content on Facebook. It includes content recommended by Facebook and excludes advertising content. See the full report and Companion Guide for more information.

Insights from the WVCR continue to inform how we evolve our products and policies. This includes developing new policies, where needed, to address harmful or otherwise low-quality content, and making changes to ranking that have reduced problematic content from reaching the widest audience.

To address low-quality content, we have:

  • Improved how we reduce highly viral engagement bait;
  • Introduced spacing rules to prevent multiple posts identified as engagement bait from showing up consecutively in Feed;
  • Improved our detection and enforcement systems to better identify and reduce posts with unrelated links in Feed; 
  • Improved systems to identify and block spammers on Facebook, as well as people engaged in inauthentic behavior who pretend to be based in one country while actually being in a different one.

This quarter’s top content did not contain any policy violating content. There is one piece of content in the report that was removed by the LADBible Page.

We’re cautiously optimistic of the progress we’ve made as we work to improve the quality of content within Facebook. We continue to rigorously work to understand the content ecosystem and evaluate the effectiveness of our policies and integrity measures – closing gaps as we find them.

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