Four ways to share your values with shoppers

Turn old bottles into new business

If you offer in-store recycling, let environmentally conscious shoppers know. Accepting smaller items for recycling — like batteries, plastic bags, or even the packaging your products are sold in — can be important factors for some consumers. This hairdressing salon in Paris, for example, offers in-store recycling to reward repeat customers for returning their used products.

Show your support

In countries across the globe, rising numbers of young people are identifying with the LGBTQ+ community. In the UK, the number of people aged 16+ identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual has nearly doubled since 2014, and in the US nearly one in every five Gen Z adults identify as LGBT — almost double the previous generation.

As a business, you can show your support by adding the “LGBTQ+ friendly” or “Transgender safespace” attributes to your Business Profile. For this LGBTQ+ owned barbershop, having the LGBTQ+-friendly icon appear on its Business Profile allowed it to both stand out and attract customers beyond its immediate area.

Are you a women-owned business?

Make finding and supporting women-owned businesses easier by raising your visibility with people looking to support women in business. Since 2017 Donna Evans has been leading She Moves, a female-run moving company, and has found over the years that “a lot of our customers say they feel more comfortable with our female-only team, but most customers choose us simply because of our reputation.” Adding the “Identifies as women-owned” attribute to their Business Profile can provide a unique selling point to carve your niche.

Provide options for all patrons

UK search queries related to disability have increased in the past year. Make use of the accessibility attributes in your profile to highlight the wheelchair friendliness of your store.

Tap into your local community with Business Profile

Adding attributes to your Business Profile can be a great way of connecting with the shared values of your community. It only takes a few minutes to add Attributes to your Business Profile.

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