25 surprising Google facts to celebrate our 25th birthday

12 billion

The number of visual searches conducted using Google Lens every month.


How many Google Doodles we’ve created.

Go deeper: In addition to the more than 5,000 Doodles we’ve created in-house at Google, the team receives around 7,000 submissions from Googlers as well as users (including Doodle for Google participants!) every year. There’s a public archive where you can see every Doodle we’ve ever published and learn more about them and the artists who created them.

8.5 million

The concurrent viewers of India’s moon landing on the Indian Space Research Organization’s main YouTube channel — the most-viewed livestream on YouTube ever.

Go deeper: On August 23, 2023, India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft landed on the south pole of the moon, making India the fourth country to land on the moon and the first to land on its south pole. While on the moon, the Chandrayaan-3 will collect and analyze data about the lunar environment.


The maximum number of seconds you have to unsend an email in Gmail.

Go deeper: Accidentally sent an email with a glaring typo in it? Just press unsend! You can customize your unsend email window by heading to settings — unsend time lengths include 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds.


The number of landmarks currently available in Google Maps’ Immersive View.

100 billion

The number of suspected spam messages Android protected users from in the past year, thanks to AI.

Go deeper: When spam protection is turned on, Messages by Google uses machine learning models that can detect known spam patterns — and it does this without sharing the content of your messages to Google servers unless you actively report a message as spam. Even when you aren’t connected to data, spam protection works. The more users report messages as spam, the smarter this AI gets — and the less spam you get.


How much more energy efficient Google data centers are compared to typical data centers.

Go deeper: Data centers are the spaces full of supercomputers that power everything Google does — Maps, Search, Bard, you name it! Like a laptop, data centers generate heat when they’re working and need to be cooled down, so we’ve worked on finding climate-conscious methods for cooling our data centers while also making them more efficient. For example, we found that water-cooled data centers use about 10% less energy and emit roughly 10% fewer carbon emissions than air-cooled data centers. In 2021, water cooling helped us reduce our data centers’ energy-related carbon footprint by 300,000 tons of carbon. Our data centers deliver three times more computing power for the same amount of electrical power than they did five years ago.

10 million+

The number of miles we’ve mapped with the Street View car — enough to circle the world more than 400 times.

Go deeper: We’ve also used tricycles, sheep, snowmobiles and camels to capture Street View imagery around the world.

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