7 ways Google Health is improving outcomes in Asia Pacific

Knowledge is key to maintaining good health— so we take seriously our responsibility to make health information more accessible for individuals, caregivers, and communities around the world. In Asia-Pacific, the diversity of cultures, languages, and healthcare systems means it’s critical to do this in collaboration with local organizations.

Here are seven ways we’re partnering with experts to create health solutions in the region.

Providing authoritative health content on YouTube

The YouTube Health mission is to make authoritative health information both more accessible and engaging. Last year, we added health source information panels and health content shelves to help people more easily navigate and evaluate credible health information. These features make it easier to find relevant videos from a range of sources in local languages, and are available in partnership with local health organizations across the region— including Japan, India, Indonesia and Korea.

Helping healthcare workers in Indonesia

We are partnering with the Indonesia Ministry of Health to provide Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services to support the ministry’s Digital Health Transformation Strategy. GCP infrastructure will provide secure data storage and analytics to help Indonesia integrate information from 8,000 health facilities to a single national health data system.

Frontline health workers are the connective tissue between a community and the healthcare system, including in Indonesia. Unfortunately, they often face challenges around care coordination and data quality. We’re partnering with the Summit Institute for Development and Ona to pilot a digital health solution using the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard. Using OpenSRP, an open source, FHIR-native health solution built on Google’s Open Health Stack, these partners will explore how to empower healthcare workers to deliver more coordinated care to improve the health of pregnant women and their children.

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