Advancing AI for societal impact with Tel Aviv University

1. Knowledge sharing

We conduct yearly joint meetings that support the research ecosystem and provide a platform to share knowledge and hear about research from TAU and Google Research teams; we have done so since the launch of our collaboration with the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Tel Aviv University (TAD) in 2020. These meetings also create an opportunity for researchers to participate in tutorials about Google tools such as Earth Engine (2020) and DynamicWorld (2023).

2. Grants to advance AI research

In 2021, with financial support from Google, TAD provided grants to seven “AI for Good” research projects, each with potential to make a significant impact. We saw projects across many domains:

  • Zoology: Developing high-resolution climate mapping, insect-detection models to reduce risks to food and early warning systems for invasive Mediterranean fish
  • Privacy: A project focused on the fair use of synthetic data
  • Economics: General falsification tests for instrumental variables
  • Natural language: Developing models focused on the Understanding and Execution of Instructions in Natural Language
  • Health: An AI-based model for automatic coding of pre-linguistic behaviors in infants
  • Humanities: Opening the Dead Sea scrolls to the world

Going forward, we will provide grants to continue to support university research and encourage joint research in the fields of AI for climate and sustainability, and education. These are two areas where there is enormous potential to address some of the largest challenges faced by humanity today.

3. Efforts to promote diversity in science and education

As part of our efforts to make the tech industry more inclusive for all segments of Israeli society, Google is supporting TAU to provide scholarships to TAD Master’s students and PhD Candidates from underrepresented groups. And through the ExactShe mentoring program, female Google researchers will be paired with female researchers and students from the Faculty of Exact Sciences at TAU to conduct mentoring meetings, help them integrate into research and the industry, and support them in overcoming obstacles as they advance in their careers. We believe that by supporting students from different backgrounds, we can help increase diversity in higher education and in the workforce.

From climate change to equality in education, we are committed to continuing to advance AI research together with the research community, to find and build solutions to some of the greatest global challenges. By working together, researchers from academia and Google Research teams can develop new insights and approaches to help build a better future for all.

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