Plan, travel and shop this summer with help from Search Labs experiments

If you’re traveling this summer, there’s a lot to consider. First up, where are you going? Are you driving, hopping on a train or taking a plane? Camping or glamping? And most importantly, what’s on your packing list?

Fortunately, Search has a few tools to help you put the pieces together, wherever you may be headed, with some help from AI.

Explore the world around you

With generative AI, we’re exploring new ways to take some of the work out of searching, helping you uncover useful insights and make sense of information. While this technology is still experimental, we’re continuing to incorporate feedback and fine-tune our generative AI experiences to introduce new and improved capabilities. Whether you’re booking far-away travel or making local plans for the weekend, our generative AI-powered experience (SGE) in Search Labs is now better equipped to help you research places like restaurants, hotels, or tourist attractions, just in time for summer.

We’ve added new capabilities to SGE for local and travel searches, so if you ask detailed questions about a place or destination in Search, you’ll see an AI-powered snapshot that brings together the most helpful information available — not only from across the web, but also from the reviews, photos and Business Profile details that people have submitted to Google for more than 200 million places in the real world. And with all these links and resources right at your fingertips, it’s easy to dive deeper on relevant sites and hear perspectives from a wide range of creators.

For example, you might ask if a certain restaurant is good for large groups or whether they’re vegetarian-friendly. Or maybe you want to know when people recommend visiting a particular landmark, so you can avoid the crowds. With this improved experience in SGE, you’ll get useful insights to guide you along the way, so you can spend less time planning and more time enjoying the plans you’ve made.

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