Supporting U.S. food banks to deliver 50 million meals is also donating Search advertising to Feeding America and local food banks and pantries across the U.S. in order to connect them with people searching for resources or ways to give back.

Over the longer term, we’ll continue to partner with Feeding America on its food bank network’s technology infrastructure. This work will help improve things like inventory management tools — projects that are often deprioritized so food banks can meet immediate needs, yet are vital to ensuring that the right food gets to the right households at the right time. We’ll be lending our expertise to help close these gaps, creating volunteer opportunities for Googlers to put their skills to work.

Providing information through our products

One of the biggest ways we can make a difference is by helping people find information about food support in their communities. Last year, we launched Search and Maps features that make it easier to locate verified local food banks. These features also enabled people to find out more about Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. And now if you search for “how to apply for SNAP” you can find information about milestones in the application process, including important details on eligibility and documents required.

Once approved for SNAP, many people use Electronic Benefit Transfers (EBT) as a payment method, and you can now search for “EBT” to find your local program’s website, check your balance and find contact information to get support. Searching on Google Maps for “grocery stores that accept EBT” surfaces more than 180,000 USDA-approved grocery stores, convenience stores, farmers’ markets and other nearby retailers that accept this payment method.

It will take a sustained and coordinated effort to address the challenge of food insecurity. Working with Feeding America and its partners, we’re committed to raising awareness of this ongoing crisis, and encourage others to help, this holiday season and all year round.

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