IAB Responds To House Committee Passage Of American Data Privacy & Protection Act Proposed Federal Privacy Legislation Falls Short, Says Policy Chief

WASHINGTON, DC – The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Executive Vice President for Public Policy, Lartease Tiffith, issued the following statement today in response to the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s passage of the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA):

“The digital advertising industry has been working to solve a growing patchwork of state privacy laws which raise costs for every business relying on data to innovate and grow. We’re dedicated to consumer privacy, and IAB supports federal legislation to strengthen consumer protections. But the bill that passed the House Energy and Commerce Committee today would impose heavier regulations than any state currently does, as the Chairman said. Redundant enforcement could lead to even larger penalties and fines. By some estimates, the proposed legislation is more punitive than EU regulations which harm investments. In an effort to ‘rein in Big Tech,’ Congress is stumbling down the same path, despite the consequences to small businesses and a vital industry. Directly or indirectly, the ad-supported internet has created over 17 million jobs, a 70 percent growth rate in just a few years, according to a recent IAB study. Small business represent the largest share, and Americans value free online services, thanks to data-driven digital advertising, at thousands of dollars per year.

“Not only advertising companies, but anyone depending on data to succeed in today’s economy, including the average internet user enjoying speed and convenience, will encounter a less friendly online environment. IAB has been advocating for significant improvements to this bill and cannot support it as it currently stands.”

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