Meet our new partner — Traffic Co…

Meet our new partner — Traffic Company. 😍

Traffic Company is a CPA network with their own in-house offers and a large list of offers from (exclusive) brands worldwide! The verticals they are mainly active in are mainstream and adult video, utilities, sweepstakes, games, dating, loan/insurance, and they have their own in-house Click2Call (IVR) campaigns which are basically sweeps with 1-click flow!

Their own in-house Click2Call campaigns have been a major success since they launched back in 2020. Next to the great concept, these campaigns almost have no restrictions and unlimited cap which means these campaigns can be run more aggressively than other campaigns. And that’s not all, Traffic Company provides free pre-landers with their in-house campaigns, or you can choose to run with your own of course.

So, in a nutshell, if you haven’t worked with Traffic Company yet, this is why you should:

❤️ In-house campaigns
✨ Automatic optimization
💰 Reliable (weekly) payouts
😎 Dedicated and friendly Account Managers
✅ Free use of helpful tools such as their IVR performance API
🙏 Referral bonus

Sign up straight away to get started! 💚💙



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