Month: December 2021

What does the end of third-party cookies mean for market research methodologies?

2023 is set to be a seismic year for the digital ad industry as third-party cookies are phased out of Chrome, fundamentally altering how online advertising has functioned to date, and requiring advertisers to get familiar with alternative strategies of targeting, from cohorts to contextual. But what does the end of third-party cookies mean for […]

Earth is Getting a Black Box

Earth is getting a black box to record our climate change actions, and it’s already started listening The black box will be built in what the developers say is an extremely geologically stable location in Tasmania.(Supplied: earthsblackbox) On a granite-strewn plain, surrounded by gnarled mountains, sits a giant steel box. Incongruous in the landscape, much like Kubrick’s black […]

Pinterest Investing VOCHI

Today (December 6, 2021) we’re announcing that we’ve acquired Vochi, a video creation and editing app focused on democratizing quality tools for creators. Acquiring Vochi is part of our commitment to helping creators bring more quality video content to Pinterest. Having more inspiring content can provide Pinners with more ways to watch, make and shop creator […]

Google Algorithm Update – BERT

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation about the new Google algorithm update. What actually is BERT, how does it work, and why does it matter to our work as SEOs? Join our own machine learning and natural language processing expert Britney Muller as she breaks down exactly what BERT is and what it means for the search […]