My name is Edgar, I am part of the team, and I am working in marketing field since 1995. Now about SCANNN. For the last 10 years we have specialized not just in digital marketing services as they are, but we have also went far in research and strategy, in other words SOLUTIONS. We have grown alongside capabilities of the internet, which provide sales of company services and products. We have worked in 50 countries, (look IMPLEMENTED), we have built market professional network (PARTNERS), which offers you insight in desired geolocation and professional help. Our clients are: advertisement and media agencies, import/export companies and start-ups, government and investment funds, from production & B2C companies to specific B2B services.

Basically, SCANNN◔ is international marketing professionals team, which work in their own geographical locations independently of one another.

Below you can see arguments for us. If you find them unnecessary, you can view an example of the company. Maybe that is your company?

Time For the Arguments

Budget Saving

€ | $ | £ | ₽ | ¥  There is no need to experiment, we have already done that for you. We can share information on the most efficient digital tool and channel use, which will be able to save campaign budget according to set goals. Precisely targeted actions for achieving results. Set your desired CPA price, and we will offer a solution.


Deadline Optimization

Often there are situations when a company has seemingly tried and achieved everything in their marketing activities. This is where we come in. Our developed and tested methodology helps you find uncharted digital niche as well as observe competitor experience in order to find something useful for your own activities. There is a possibility, that we will find something to advise against

No Risk

There have been projects when auditing webspace for the client we do not obtain desired data, in other words, we are unable to facilitate (give new information for) company production / service sales. Possible reasons: such data are unavailable (we only use legal methodology), or client already use / has used found channels. In these cases, payment is not incurred / is returned.



In other words – traps and data. Bulk data archives doesn’t just lay in our shelves. We systematically perform actual status checks (as you know, webspace is dynamic, it changes every day). Unfortunately, or luckily, we also have unsuccessful examples, when activities have been directed in wrong directions, and they have not brought expected results. This experience sometimes is more valuable than positive examples. We do not hide it, we apply it.

We are Nearby

We have had clients, who say that have felt they have not been paid enough attention, they had the feeling that “there could be better results”. No worries, we use bilateral online communication system, which helps you to not get lost among all the information – all involved people can see the progress. In order to not turn into “machines”, each member of our team has a limited number of clients.



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