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SCANNN monitoring and scraping content from any websites. Service helps you import any kind of content—including text, images, videos, and sounds—from any source and publish it in data base, including websites, RSS feeds, social media accounts, and e-commerce platforms. You can look at its features to learn more.


By monitoring media outlets you gain relevant insight about topics of your interest and you can use the data to boost your business

Public opinion

A good social media monitoring tool uses crawling and indexing through Artificial Intelligence to track online mentions. Artificial Intelligence enables you to track the unstructured data created by millions of users that are posting online every day. Once you capture the insights, you can then be able to distill those insights accordingly to create concrete information. This is used in crafting critical business strategies. Public opinion monitoring through social media is an important step in crafting business strategies

Look at its features


Auto-post content: Post feed content as per your preferred intervals and automatically get the new updates of the RSS feeds Extract each attribute of the feed: This SCANNN DB plugin can scrape all components from the summary feeds and convert them into truncated feeds as per your choice to retain the beauty of the layout. Only fetch some specific parts of the feeds: It is powerful enough to extract some specific segments of the feeds which are based on parameters like CSS class/id and XPath/REGEX and concatenate these pieces of information to create a new post in a particular format. Search & replace text: This plugin enables the user to search the incidence and location of a specific string or combination of words and then replace them with the provided word(s). Set time same as original time: You can set the time of published posts the same as the time of original posts. Import categories, original tags, and author: Set the category, tags, and authors as mentioned in the original posts. Skip blank posts and posts with duplicate titles: It can automatically verify and skip the posts that don’t contain content or have a duplicate title. Skip posts that don’t contain images: Now you can automatically skip extraction of the posts that don’t contain images. Skip non-English feeds: You can set the settings in such a manner that the plugin can automatically skip the posts with non-English content. Post feeds in a specific order: You can post the oldest or newest post first as per your priorities. Decode HTML components: You can even extract the implemented HTML tags of the extracted content. Convert any encoding style into UTF-8: This plugin can help in auto-posting feeds in UTF-8 encoding format (the standard encoding style). It automatically converts a specific type of encoding into UTF-8. Auto-set featured image: This plugin is smart enough to search feeds and images used for FB with the help of image tags and map them (feed and image) together. Thus the FB images automatically become featured images.

Our single page scraper and multi-page scraper module can automatically import multiple data from almost any website or URL to your SCANNN DB. It supports pagination, extracting content using Visual Selector and many more. You can import content, images, text, videos, products etc. from almost any website using single page and multi-page scrapers. 

Automatic content extraction and publishing to the database according to keywords and Tiktok users

Import and post pins from specific boards or according to specific keywords: Now auto-post images as per the provided user ID, board, or keyword along with its description, number of re-pins, and other related information.

Detect images on basis of tags or user ID: You can filter and extract posts from Instagram as per the inserted tags or username with their complete captions, published dates, etc

Scan videos on the basis of specific keywords: This system will only post the most suitable and matched videos on the basis of the keyword. It will help you embed only the relevant videos on your data base without putting in much effort. Filter & post videos depending upon many different attributes: You can fetch and embed YouTube videos on the basis of a specific channel, playlist, duration, language, country, region, and many other related properties. Get videos with descriptions, likes, dislikes, views count, publish date: The videos can be posted with their descriptions published on YouTube. Post tags same as YouTube tags: This plugin extracts all the details related to the video. Hence you can replace the video tags on the website with the original tags of the video that are present on YouTube. Publish all YouTube comments with the video: You can also publish the YouTube comments along with the video. Moreover, all the recent and latest comments will be automatically updated instantly. 

Detect content of user ID: You can filter and extract data from Telegram as per the inserted tags or username with their complete captions, published dates, etc

Fetch & post specific set products from Amazon: This plugin enables the user to extract products’ information (images, description, price, etc) from Amazon according to a specified keyword and publish on the website with their affiliate links which can help you earn your commission without investing time in copying, pasting, and verifying the affiliate link attached to the product so that you can get commission over its sales. Browse Node IDs support to post only from a sub-category: This plugin is equipped with a feature to post products from a specific Amazon node ID which can help import and post product information from a product set or subcategory. For example, you want to post only “Biographies” and “non-fiction” from the books. Then you can use this feature to perform the same. You can find your Amazon browse node ID from websites like Import & post products based on price range filter: Do you want to import products in a particular price range, like some gadget under 50$? Then this feature can be helpful. You can set a minimum and maximum value for the products that need to be published on the website. Set the order of the search results: You can sort the search results on the basis of different attributes like price, sales rank, and many more. It will help you highlight some specific products that have a higher probability of sales. Set search criteria for posting products: You can completely control the search results with this feature. It allows you to only search and fetch a specific type of results. For example, if you want to post gadgets from a specific manufacturer, then this feature can help you to set the settings for the same. Automatically set the “Add to cart” link and “Product page” link: This plugin is smart enough to automatically set add to cart & product page links while keeping your affiliate ID intact in the URL. Woo-Commerce support to allow selling directly from the website: All the products are published as Woo-commerce products. Thus you will get all the functionalities similar to it.

Auto-post images based on keywords & users: You can post images as per the specified keyword and user. Filter images according to various attribution licenses: You get complete control over what type of images should be posted on the website. You can set the filters according to different attributions like non-commercial attribution license, all rights reserved, no known copyright restrictions, etc.

Automatic scan tweets per the specified keyword: This plugin provides flexibility to import and post tweets DB on the basis of keywords which can be some simple words, hashtags, Twitter handle, sentimental words (like celebration which means a celebration with a positive attitude), time etc.

Import content from Facebook: Importing content from FB becomes easy. You just need to set the campaign and you will be able to auto-post images, videos, and textual posts on data base. Filter imported content on different properties.: You can post content from a specific profile and/or group including user comments. As soon as some posts are updated provided a profile/group on Facebook.

Auto-publish LinkedIn jobs: This plugin offers the flexibility to post LinkedIn jobs on your website with their apply links for your career pages.

Auto-extract & post content according to keywords and communities: You can post reddits and subreddits from a specific user or community. 

Auto-embed videos: This SCANNN DB can help you fetch and embed videos from Vimeo in bulk with a click. You will get the video with all the related information including duration, view, title, and other related information. Filter videos according to keywords or accounts & post them: Now you can publish videos that match are suitable for a specific keyword or belong to a specific author or account.

Extract and post content from the library: This tool enables you to auto-post all components available in the iTunes library (including sounds, media files, ebooks, and utility tools) on the website with their respective affiliate links.

Auto-post products: You can import and post products with their details on your SCANNN DB website without a doubt. Your affiliate link will be automatically set for each product. Auto-insert ads: You have the option to insert 2 ad slots between your product posts. Only post products that are relevant as per the specification: You can choose a specific category, author, keywords, etc for auto-publishing products on SCANNN DB. Set keywords as WP tags & auto-hyperlink them: The plugin can automatically set SCANNN DB tags of the published products the same as the keywords mentioned on Walmart. These keywords can be later auto-hyperlinked (if needed) with the specified links or affiliate links. Custom post format: You can customize the product post the same as Woo-Commerce products for a clean UI. Auto SCANNN DB image set up: This plugin can automatically set the featured image of the product post. By default, the first image is set as the featured image.

Import product details & post them: This plugin can help you extract product information (images, description, id, product link, etc) from all the domain variants of eBay sites and post them on your website. Set affiliate links automatically: The affiliate link for each posted product is published according to your provided affiliate ID.

Automatically import products from AliExpress using keyword or custom URL: You can easily Import product gallery, images, prices, descriptions etc. The plugin supports WooCommerce completely. Affiliate links can be set automatically if required.

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