Ad Targeting Machine

Ad space detection / audience reach online. Such headlines are rather common, and solutions are seemingly obvious to many. Traditionally, we can purchase ad space in a desired webpage by directly approaching their marketing departments. Several ad networks, such as Google and Facebook ads or other ad platforms are also used. With these platforms it is possible to reach most if not all target audience. So far, so good. However, situation is “a little bit” different, when we have to deal with positions; time and how efficient these activities will be (conversions: sales, recognition)

Targeting Marketing
Target market is the end consumer to which the company wants to sell its end products too
Keywords Planner
Keyword Planner helps you research keywords for your Search campaigns
Audience Segmentation
Audience segmentation is a key activity within an audience analysis
Keywords Research

At the webspace, it is possible to identify each audience by its interests as well as its used keywords. Almost always audience uses not just primary keywords, but also extensions / adjectives, in other words, related keywords. It allows the audience to more accurately find the product / service / topic, which they are interested in. Therefore, it makes it easier for manufacturers / service providers to find its quality audience. Our selection methodology and data servers prove useful as well. We already know, which keywords are used by our target audience, how interested they are and when their interest reaches its peak. Do not waste time on experiments, we have done them for you. Such data is useful for both entrepreneurs, in order to gain insight on audience interest in product or service, and marketing experts, who are planning their marketing activities (Google Ads Keywords Planner is the analogue).

Ad Channel Research

After obtaining data on keywords used by audience, our algorithms determine and scan corresponding webpages. As a result we obtain exact webpage White List, and most important, identify ad networks which allows us to reach target audience. Essentially we gain detalised instruction with aforementioned position list + recommended activity division percentage. Instruction can be adjusted to advertising medium planning, budget planning, turnover prediction and other company business evaluation assessment. 

Benefits: budget is not wasted where there is no gain, no time wasted experimenting.


  • Company product / service 
  • Evaluation, which will be used 
  • Attract suitable Primary audience 
  • Attract suitable LookAlike audience

Data Grabbing

  • Audience internet habit scanning 
  • Auditing results – webpages 
  • Scanning webpage ad opportunities


  • Ad opportunity structuration for every audience 
  • Audience reach budget and realization instruction development 
  • Result – detailed product / service audience reach instruction


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