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Learning audience feedback, taking charge of audience habits and comfort levels are few positions, which can be gained by working with them. However, there are some factors, in which audience behaviour in web space differs, for example, some people feel more comfortable in web space, therefore their opinion may be more strict, some are unable to form their opinion, if they do not have a direct contact with service / product, which means that interviewed person may give inaccurate answers both in face-to-face and online interviews. Collected survey data will be most accurate only in the environment where they are used. Superficial survey participant selection & group formation will not bring desired results.


At the right time
In the right place

  • Setting goals (what we want to find out) 
  • Identifying, which demographics match the certain task (for reaching the goal) 
  • Identifying audience habits in webspace 
  • Addressing selected audience in its comfort zone 
  • Performing filtration of obtained data
Fresh Audience - Surveys online. Knowledgeable Audience, Audience In The Comfort Zone
Used tools - software, which allows to identify certain target audience web space habits, in other words, which internet resources are visited, how to place information in these resources etc
Order Online Surveys. Fresh audience with fresh reviews! Acquisition of digital data since 2005.
Separate software module which helps to identify available target audience contact information.


Fresh Audience

If it is not required by specifics of certain product / service, do not use databases from archives, which might be obsolete (individuals have changed their profession, moved to another location, changed their marital status, income level etc), instead reach your audience right now.

Knowledgeable Audience

Audience which match certain criteria, for example, audience which use the competitor service / products, specialist, who has knowledge in certain field (comparatively low possibility of incompetent person involvement).

Audience In The Comfort Zone

The audience is selected and addressed on the Internet based on their habits, and accordingly we get the opportunity to involve the audience in an understandable & unobtrusive way (the information provided by the respondents is reliable).

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