Donate To Charity is a charity organization founded in 2003 with the mission to channel individual and business donations to people in need. is offering a safe, easy and transparent way to support carefully verified and selected charity projects, to follow-up their progress and be sure your donation has reached the goal. 

Donating by credit card, the service provider shall withhold 1.5% commission. If you wish to donate without commission, please choose to donate to any of the offers online banking or with bank transfer. don’t withhold commission from recieved donations.

Your donation can help children to grow up, the elderly to prosper, your first school to receive a surprise and to realize many other charity purposes!

Our goal is to encourage the social change by providing an opportunity to donate. We believe the society of Latvia wants to help those in need. To the ones who are suffering the most and the ones who might need only a small assistance to start the new life. is a charity organization that assists to charitable giving. identifies the projects that are vitally important to the society and eliminate the root causes instead of treating the symptoms as they arise. is an opportunity for businesses and individuals to comfortably and time-efficiently use our website to express their social responsibility for fellow human beings and environment. While doing so, together we are creating Latvia as the country where people care for each other and common good. Our values are strong civil society with democratic governance, free market economy and sustainable development.

It is safe and reliable to use the fundraising website for your charitable giving. Highly professional team of is carefully evaluating each project before posting it on our website and controlling the usage of received donations afterwards. Without charging any commission, we ensure the monitoring of the usage of received donations, administration of charity projects and reporting to donors. Donors are eligible to receive statements of donation usage and to file complaints in expert commission. You can be sure of donation reaching the goal and data being protected.

Charity fundraising website was created as the result of close cooperation between Swedbank and foundation Ziedot, to promote positive social change. Because of this cooperation, your donations can reach charity goals for all 100%, without keeping any commission. daily operational expenses are partly covered also by Inara and Boriss Teterovi Foundation. During the time period of 2008-2010 received the administrative support within the program “Support for the Charity Foundation “Ziedot”“ co-funded by financial instruments of Iceland, Lixtenstain, Norwegian, Nowegian EEA and Latvia by the Society Integration Foundation, supported by the financial instruments of the grant program of Norwegian and EEA, administrated by the Society Integration Foundation 

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