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For many companies starting a business or expanding a business, there appears a necessity to develop their operations in new markets. Frequently, the enterprisers make a choice of the new market in a purely intuitive way, which creates a risk of choosing an incorrect direction.

Our proposed methodology allows you to select new foreign markets, basing on well-founded empirical, mathematical data. We determine the most valuable future markets, basing on several criteria, for example, measurement of “noise” in the Internet space – what audience is interested in a particular product / service, how large is the audience and what are costs to reach this target audience. Thus, we are able to show to undertakings the right direction for business expansion. It is important to escape essential mistakes making the first step in the new markets. The ability to correctly navigate in the changing market environment saves a lot of time, money and energy!

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Development of new, untapped markets is a big challenge for a company. Frequently, the entrepreneurs rely on advice of various narrow specialists, which is often general and imprecise. The inaccurate assumptions result in a significant increase in the cost of entry into the developing markets, as well as the carried out activities do not give the expected results.

The new market research methodology, developed over the years, allows you to accurately identify the most promising target audiences, to determine their potential reach and marketing tools with which to address this audience. The activities of existent competitors in the web space are also audited with help of a special algorithm. Systematizing all the collected information, it is possible to draw up an accurate marketing strategy for developing the new markets. A result of our work is predictability – our customers know timely all the necessary information for developing the new markets: how much investment is required, when and how to address the target audience, what is the real expected return on the made investments, the amount of time necessary to achieve the pursued objectives.

Sales strategy of many enterprises is based on a wide network of cooperating partners, B2B. Typically, search of the new cooperating partners occurs when visiting various international exhibitions, conferences, as well as relying on help from host organizations. However, this approach is frequently as effective as participation in a lottery. In the digital world, one may identify the true B2B partners even without leaving one’s office.

After having determined the appropriate target market, we perform measurements of competitive intensity, create a vast database on the activities of the competitors in the target market. At the same time, we also identify the so-called lookalike companies, which do not directly compete with a product or a service offered by the client’s company, but operate in a related field of business and may be interested in becoming a B2B partner. Once a database of the potential B2B partners has been created, we provide necessary support for the client’s addressing to new B2B partners would be successful. Today, the probability of success is greatly affected by the company’s digital reputation –  that is, what is the first impression about the company in the Internet space. Therefore, we provide clients digital reputation management services, as well as provide a range of other support services, so that for the representatives of the company it remains only to go with successful visits to create a network of B2B partners.

Risk investments in the start-up companies, particularly in their early stages, are associated with such a high risk which no reasonable insurance company will engage to insure. Of course we do not deal with the insurance business, however we may give  investors of the risk investments something more  –  belief, based on facts, that the investment in the specific start-up company is worth this risk.

During the early phase of the risk investment, investor’s intuition undoubtedly plays an important role. We provide investors important in-depth information to help in making more informed decisions about the investment conditions and volume. Essentially, we thoroughly check any start-up company’s basic assumptions of the potential market, marketing channels, the level of prices, competitors and so on. If the investors consider it to be necessary, then we can also check digital reputation of the start-up company’s team. Nowadays, the Internet space data analysis capabilities made the risk investment business more secure and thus also –  more profitable. 50 years ago, hardly anyone used seat belts in cars – today their use is self-evident. We see that the pre-investment digital researches, in the market, become similarly self-evident in the risk investment business.

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