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Bradley-Terry Model as an Alternative to MaxDiff for Sparse Datasets

MaxDiff analysis is a popular technique used in marketing research to evaluate lists of

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How to use ChatGPT for your affiliate marketing campaigns

As an experienced advertiser, you know that the success of any marketing campaign relies

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Visualizing Ratings | Big Village

Using Charts Effectively to Report on Survey Ratings The best way to visualize survey

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Meet our new Account Manager – Meghan Green

Where are you from?I grew up just outside of Washington, DC in Northern Virginia

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DanAds Favorite Features: Audio Ad product

DanAds is a leading self-serve advertising platform that offers innovative solutions for publishers seeking

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Optimizing the Retail Checkout Journey with Technology

Paying for shopping bags was cited as a dealbreaker or major frustration by more

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The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together

This year at Connect, we’re sharing our vision for the metaverse.

Testing Meta Verified in Canada to Help Creators Establish Their Presence

French translation (Lire la version française) To help up-and-coming creators establish their presence and

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New Meta Avatar Outfits From Naomi Osaka

Get ready to serve new looks this summer, courtesy of Naomi Osaka. Today, the

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Using Meta Spark to Power The Rare Space Garden Experience

In support of The National Brain Appeal‘s Rare Space Garden at The Royal Horticultural

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