Our Experience For You

Different tasks, different companies – each situation requires specific knowledge and experience. Let`s make sure we are able to provide it.

The most popular cooperation model is the so called Cost Per Hour or SuperVision, in other words, when the payment for specialist`s involvement is calculated by the time spent for certain task or time involved in supervising quality of implementation process done by involved persons. Such payment model can be applied when giving consultations

Sometimes there are projects, where involved parties have to delve deeper. You have an option to hire our experts, thus gaining them as members of your team for a certain period of time. Our experts, if necessary, will speak on behalf of your company, regulate the processes and update you on information about the work face-to-face and online.

Choose a Colleague

Choose the most suitable cooperation model for you


Per Hour
  • 1 Specialist
  • 1 Project
  • 1 Report Per Week
  • Email, WhatsApp, Zoom
  • -
  • -

In Your Team

Per Month
  • 1 Specialist (our team)
  • 1 Company
  • 20 Hours Included
  • 4 Hours FaceToFace Free
  • 1 Report Per Week
  • Email, WhatsApp, Zoom

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