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At last, it is time to start assembling the dish. Getting every component of the meal to the table at the same time calls for…

Harmonized Planning.

This is also true when we consider planning efforts to satisfy our most basic organizational goals. Retaining loyal customers, attracting new customers, increasing revenue, and reducing overhead costs can best be achieved with the right mix of knowledge, cooperation, coordination, support, and oversight.

Harmonized planning is the act of obtaining organizational alignment. In the kitchen it is the understanding of the chefs to begin and end each task at the right time to ensure each component reaches the table at the correct temperature. In your organization it is the schedule or roadmap that outlines where you are heading, how you will get there and who is involved at each step. Most importantly, this planning needs to be conducted in a manner that allows for all previously identified perspectives to be heard. Without a mutual feeling of respect and acknowledgement, corporate culture will go up in flames.

As your organization is preparing the dish, make sure that everyone has been given the chance to present their ideas. Workshop, ideate, analyze these positions with the information you have gathered. Asking key questions at every step…

  • How does this benefit our customers?
  • How does this impact employee engagement and morale?
  • Do we have the resources necessary to succeed?
  • Is there a corporate champion for this plan?

An inability to answer any of these questions or an answer in the negative requires a return to the workspace for a closer examination of your organization introspection and/or your customers understanding. You do not need to go at this step alone. Big Village continues to be your guide shifting through the stockpile of knowledge, data, and goals to tease out the missing components that answer these questions and make your dish complete.

With harmonized planning (meal preparation) complete it is time to serve your guests. When we call our guests to the table it is important not to leave anyone out. Our fifth ingredient for a successful future proofed business is…


It is an ongoing action through which we inform our guests and fellow chefs. Why we are coming together, how the meal was chosen and why it was prepared in the manner selected are all necessary pieces of information to share.

Customers and employees have provided insight. They appreciate hearing how their thoughts and experiences have come together to shape the future of your organization. Be it through immediate initiatives or future plans this continued socialization provides a knowledge exchange that facilitates stronger loyalty, engagement, trust and creates a sense of partnership through mutual benefit. It also allows your organization the continued insight into how your plans and efforts are being received.

As with most cooking competitions there is a performance review. Socialization promotes a culture that helps establish a place at the table for our final ingredient…

Growth-Oriented Mindset.

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