22 of our most helpful tips from 2022

For those of us getting used to hybrid work, there was a lot to (re)figure out when it came to transitioning productively to (yet another) new (er, maybe old?) working environment. If you’re getting into the swing of a new routine or looking to increase your efficiency, here are some tips that can help you make the most of your workday.

6. Create a morning routine by saying “Hey Google, Good morning” to your Pixel phone or Google Assistant device. Assistant will create an automated rundown of everything you need to start your workday — like an overview of your calendar, a weather update and important news headlines — and you can always customize your routine in the Google Assistant settings on your phone.

7. If you’re alternating between work environments, let people know where you are by setting your working location and working hours in your Google Calendar settings. When more people share their working locations and hours, it helps create more inclusive and collaborative hybrid meetings while reducing the logistical scheduling headache, especially if you work with people across other time zones.

8. Minimize distractions by scheduling Focus Time in your Google Calendar. Similar to the “Out of office” event type, Focus Time has a different appearance on your calendar (Focus Time is marked by 🎧) , and it includes the option to automatically decline conflicting events so you can optimize your work day for focus and productivity.

9. Make emailing smoother by using Undo Send to retract a message in Gmail. Email experts who weighed in on emailing skills and inbox management said people often wish they could unsend an email — and you can! You can even increase your cancellation period settings to last for up to 30 seconds post-send.

10. Spend less time worrying about lunch with live takeout and delivery status on Google Maps. If you’re into getting takeout for lunch, you can see the expected wait time, delivery fee and status of your order right from the Google Maps app. It’s a lot easier than worrying your lunch will arrive right in the middle of an afternoon meeting.

11. Chrome users can hit Control/Command + Shift + T to restore a recently closed browser window, and all of the tabs with it. Don’t let an errant click or keystroke trigger an extinction-level event on your precious Chrome tabs.

12. Take a Security Checkup to make sure your security settings and passwords are in good shape. When you’re browsing different sites, you probably end up creating a lot of new accounts and passwords that can be hard to keep track of. Security Checkup is a simple tool that will take you through a step-by-step process to customize your security controls and strengthen the safety of your Google Account. One of those steps is to use Google Password Manager, which will create and store strong passwords, auto-populate them in sites, ensure they’re not entered into malicious sites, and alert you if they’re compromised.

13. Stay safe and secure online with Gmail. The last thing anyone wants to do is deal with spammers and scammers, who aim to steal your online account information and money. And while we protect Gmail users from nearly 15 billion unwanted messages a day, it’s always helpful to follow some guidelines for staying safe while going through your inbox, like looking out for fake “subscription renewals.”

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