Our favorite Chrome extensions of 2022

Throughout 2022, we’ve loved to see the many ways developers have built Chrome extensions. From a growing hybrid global workforce to digital learning and virtual gaming, the transformation we saw this year extended to, well, extensions. Today, we’re announcing our favorite Chrome extensions of the year that inspired joy, helped us learn and kept us productive.

Put your browser to work for you

Whether you’re drafting an email or designing content, extensions can help automate, share and grow your work for a more productive experience on the web. Tango automatically generates how-to guides while you work, SwiftRead allows you to read three times faster, and LINER serves as your personalized research assistant. Compose AI helps you automate your writing with artificial intelligence, while Visbug let’s designers make tweaks to a website’s text and images.

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Stay focused

The next batch of extensions helps you stay focused and productive on Chrome. Workona Tab Manager tames your explosion of tabs, sets up workspaces to organize your projects and helps you keep tabs on what’s important. CrXMouse Chrome Gestures boosts your browsing productivity with custom mouse navigation shortcuts.

Make gaming and watching videos even better

Sometimes you need to put productivity aside and use extensions to play your favorite game, or watch your favorite show. RoPro enhances the experience of over a million Roblox players by adding dozens of unique features to the game. With eJOY, you can watch movies and videos with dual subtitles and learn a language while watching movies.

Learning for everyone

With many students now back in school, digital learning is here to stay, with technology and computing becoming ever more important to the classroom. Equatio makes math digital, aiding teachers and students at all levels in creating math expressions quickly and easily. For any student writing a paper, MyBib: Free Citation Generator automatically generates bibliographies and citations for you as you browse the web.

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