How the rise of streaming TV is changing advertising

In addition to self-serve advertising and first-party data, it’s important for advertisers to consider the relationship between viewers, streaming brands, and trusted advertisers. As streaming platforms have become more popular, they have also become an important source of trust for many viewers. This means that advertisers who partner with trusted streaming brands and create ads that align with their values and aesthetics are more likely to be well-received by viewers.

For example, if a streaming platform has a reputation for producing high-quality, original content, advertisers who create ads that are similar in tone and style are more likely to be perceived as trustworthy and relevant by viewers. On the other hand, if an ad is perceived as intrusive or out of place, it may turn off viewers and damage the trust that the streaming platform has worked hard to build. One example of an advert being somewhat unpopular among viewers is the Charmin bear ad that ran on Hulu as a pause ad. In the words of one viewer: “Hulu puts ads on the pause screen so I couldn’t read the words. $6 a month so I can look at a bear wiping its butt.”

There’s a clear lesson – viewers will tolerate advertising (in exchange for more affordable streaming subscriptions) to the extent that the adverts are integrated into the streaming experience in a way that isn’t excessively disruptive or irritating.

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