Strengthening Our Efforts Against Non-Consensual Intimate Images in Turkey with, in Partnership with TKDF

We take strong precautions and measures against the spread of non-consensual intimate images on our platforms. Now, we are supporting the launch of in Turkey with the cooperation of the Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey. The platform offers a protection system that proactively thwarts the non-consensual sharing of intimate images (photos or videos of a person which feature nudity or are sexual in nature) and was developed by UK Revenge Porn Helpline together with the global NGOs. It also provides a support center where victims can reach various international organizations and resources.

The Revenge Porn Helpline (RPH), which has supported thousands of victims since it was established in 2015, with respect to non-consensual intimate image abuse, has removed over 200,000 individual non-consensual intimate images from the internet with an over 90% removal rate.

How does work?

  • People whose intimate images are shared without consent can have these images removed via the platform. 
  • The system, which works by opening individual cases through the platform, features hash-generating technology that assigns a unique hash value (a numerical code) to an image, creating a secure digital fingerprint for users’ intimate images and videos and offers an online tool that helps detect and remove the sharing of these images on the Internet. 
  • This digital fingerprint created is shared with Meta platforms, and if anyone wants to upload an image matching this fingerprint to Meta platforms, the platform reviews this content and removes it in accordance with its policies. 
  • The also offers a personal password and case number so that the case can be tracked.
  • During the creation of digital fingerprint, the images of the users are never seen by another person  and the original image never leaves the person’s device.

How the Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey is involved 

People whose intimate images are shared without their consent can get support by calling the Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey’s TKDF Emergency Helpline from 0212 656 96 96. First, TKDF ensures that victims make a complaint to the local law enforcement authorities regarding their cases, and the legal procedures are followed. While TKDF manages the psychological and legal process required for people who call the Emergency Helpline, it provides support for creating a case through to remove the revenge porn content.

“ is a system we have recently started to use. Thanks to our relationship with Meta, we learned that they are working to remove revenge porn and sexually explicit videos, and we started to cooperate. We support people who contact us through our helpline and ensure that a case is created through to remove the relevant content. Most importantly, we explain that revenge videos that include sexual content are not the end of the world.” –  Canan Güllü, President of the Federation of Women’s Associations of Turkey

The resources we offer for those who have been affected by intimate image abuse

We recommend victims of abuse to firstly contact local law enforcement if they have any concerns about their physical safety or the physical safety of their loved ones. We also advise people who have been abused by online sharing of their NCII to create evidence by taking screenshots and printouts of photos or threats before taking steps to have the images deleted so they can take legal action. The healing process may be different for everyone with such abuse, so talking with family, friends or different individuals and getting additional support and guidance can be beneficial for individuals. 

We offer various resources to assist our users during this process through Meta Security Center.

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