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Google Cloud is a trusted partner to governments around the world, and we are committed to helping them use technology to improve the lives of citizens, deliver modern public services, and transform how the government operates.

We have already supported many public sector organisations to modernise their core technology systems—from delivering security solutions that allow them to protect themselves from cyber attacks, to supporting education and healthcare systems with born-in-the-cloud communication, collaboration, and productivity tools. With Google Cloud, public sector organisations can better respond with agility, innovate with purpose, and protect with confidence, as they deliver public services to their citizens.

In the United Kingdom, we have an extensive history working with the public sector. For example, we continue to support the Department for Transport, helping it utilise data to better support decision making during the pandemic. We partnered with the Office for National Statistics to deliver the UK’s 2021 census. And we are supporting the NHS to improve access to citizens’ health and care data across England’s Yorkshire & Humber region. Most recently, we signed a memorandum of understanding with The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory to help accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

Today, we are extending our commitment to the UK public sector by announcing the launch of Google Cloud Public Sector UK, a new division dedicated to helping government departments and agencies across the UK transform their operations with hyperscale cloud capabilities. This division, a subsidiary of Google Cloud EMEA, will provide the tools and resources UK organisations need to accelerate their own digital transformations.

A trusted partner for the UK public sector

Google Cloud Public Sector UK brings the expertise and resources needed to help public sector organisations manage and protect their sensitive data. This includes frontline intelligence and assistance to help prevent and respond to security incidents; a modern, AI-powered cloud-native platform to drive security operations; and a secure-by-design, secure-by-default cloud platform underpinning it all. Through these and other efforts, we have built our products to protect critical government data, applications, and communications.

UK public sector organisations are focused on providing British citizens with digital services that are agile, secure, and reliable. By bringing together our AI and cloud computing capabilities, diverse teams of experts and deep experience, Google Cloud Public Sector UK is ready today to help public sector agencies use technology to deliver improved public services across the nation.

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