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8. Learn how to code with help from Bard. Whether you’re untangling a problem in C++ or simply trying to write a formula for Google Sheets, Bard has your back. Our generative AI collaborator can now help explain code snippets in more than 20 programming languages, debug code and even export Python code directly to Google Colab.

9. Add in-demand skills to your resume with Google Career Certificates. Google Career Certificates can help you take a first step toward working in growing fields like cybersecurity and data analytics IT support and project management. We spoke with three recent Career Certificate graduates who shared their best advice to maintain momentum in the program — starting with being your biggest advocate and learning how to shake off self-doubt.

10. Use Chrome extensions to study more effectively. Students will find tons of options on the Chrome Web Store. Among our top picks: ComposeAI, which can help you edit research papers and cut down writing time by more than 40%; ToDoist, which tracks your assignments; and SwiftRead, which condenses web pages into more easily digestible snippets.

11. Help your kids become sharper readers with Android and Google Classroom. Android phones and tablets can assist little ones with building new skills, too. If your kids could use a hand strengthening their vocabulary and comprehension skills, just look for the “Practice” badge while searching for children’s titles on Google Play Books. That means the ebook is equipped with special interactive features to help sound out words, practice pronunciation and more. And with Google Classroom’s integration with the Read Along app, teachers can track students’ reading progress and easily assign reading practice based on differentiated learning styles.

12. Get help with math on Search. If your math skills are a little rusty, Search can help give you a refresher right in your browser window. Simply type “math solver” to pull up a special calculator to help you walk through linear equations, polynomials and more. Alternatively, you can just type the equation or integral directly into the search bar or take a picture with Lens to see a step-by-step explanation and solution.

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