Adtelligent Product Updates Q3 2022

Adtelligent is focused on providing the best technical solutions for its partners and customers while constantly improving and bringing its products up to date.

You can find the latest ones below:

Supply Side Platform

1. ‘Constant logging’ option 

Adtelligent - Constant Logging - Source Settings
(Screenshot 1. Constant logging)

New feature capturing logs of incoming/outgoing ad requests and ad responsesis now available for all our SSP clients. From now on, users have access to all sources and campaign ad requests/responses from the grid view (Screenshot 1).

  • To find logs, visit Sources or Campaigns tab and click on the icon beside a specific entity.
  • A new window should open in a browser a view of all logs captured on this exact entity only.
  • Logs automatically formatted to JSON format to improve readability.

2. New ‘Ad Buffet’ option for traffic Sources

Source Settings - Ad Buffet by Adtelligent
(Screenshot 2. Ad Buffet)

‘Ad buffet’ feature allows clients who use VAST tags, Open RTB or Prebid type of integration to send more than one ad in one ad response (Screenshot 2).

To enable this feature on your traffic sources, please contact your account manager for more details.

3. Additional macros and parameters related to Content are available now

All our SSP clients can take advantage of the additional ‘Content Rating’ and ‘Content Language’ macros.

4. New App ID parameter and macro 

New parameter and macro related to application is available from now on for SSP all clients.

Source Settings app macros
(Screenshot 3. App macros)

Header Bidding Platform 

Our specialists are constantly working on the update to Header Bidding Platform that includes some bug fixes and new useful features. 

  1. Prebid Native Ads are now available for Adtelligent’s clients 

Captivating ads that adjust to the layout of the web page has a high ability to attract users, improve brand’s visibility, in addition to having high engagement rates. Now Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform supports this lucrative ad format. 

Demand Side Platform 

  1. New Subdomain support 

This option helps to reject bad traffic among advertisers. 

  1. DSP Supply 

Via newly-created check box “DSP Supply” all our DSP clients can enable DSP supply section within their account. The menu for publishers will have 2 options available:

  • Publishers
  • Inventory sources
  1. Recommended bid for the advertisers account 

The relevant data will be sorted out to present the most optimal recommended bid for DSP clients 

  1. “Default advertiser rules” setting 

This setting sets specific parameters in a “Default advertiser rules” tab that set global rules for all active advertisers and their campaigns under DSP account. It is similar to the concept of the self-serve account for publishers. 

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