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Because of increased privacy concerns, global regulators and technology companies have taken steps to restrict signal use — such as third-party cookies and device IDs — that the digital advertising industry has relied on for decades. Today, over 80% of advertisers are dependent on these signals to personalize ads.

We believe there is an opportunity for you to use first-party data gathered from your direct relationships with users to replace key functionalities that third-party cookies and device IDs provided. Here’s how to do it.

Set first-party identifiers

First-party IDs enable core ad functionality, like frequency management and ads personalization, that third-party cookies and device IDs previously provided, while also protecting user privacy. For publishers with less resources, publisher first-party cookies for web and same app key for mobile are a good fit because they’re set by Ad Manager on your behalf. Publisher provided identifiers (PPIDs) serve a similar purpose as publisher first-party cookies and same app key, but offer more flexibility because they’re set by publishers themselves.

Build first-party audiences

Every publisher has access to first-party data, but for some, tapping into the benefits of that data has been complicated. Ad Manager is investing in a number of features to help you easily create and activate contextual and first-party audiences. Solutions like key-values, publisher provided signals and audience solutions allow you to develop audience segments in ways that best align with your data strategies and technical skills.

Develop enhanced data narratives

To unlock the full potential of your data, it’s important to understand how your audiences are engaging with your ads and content. To make it easier for partners, we offer a number of straightforward measurement solutions. Ad Manager’s traffic explorer, for example, enables you to develop enhanced narratives about your data by analyzing audiences and inventory using intuitive dashboards.

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