IAB Responds To President Biden’s Call For Stronger Data Privacy Laws

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Executive Vice President for Public Policy Lartease Tiffith issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s State of the Union address to Congress last night:

“IAB supports data privacy and protecting kids online. A preemptive federal data privacy law would help Americans understand their privacy rights and would provide businesses with a single set of rules and obligations with which to comply. Whether consumers live in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia or Utah, they should share the same privacy rights. IAB will continue to work with Congress and other stakeholders to pass a federal privacy law that does exactly this. It is also important for the President to appreciate that our innovative, creative, economically vital industry produces not only jobs and economic growth, but also free and low-cost content and services for Americans of all ages and incomes. The ad-supported internet delivers opportunities to learn, play and communicate for millions of Americans, and easily accessible advertising and media platforms are helping entrepreneurs in communities across the country pursue their dreams.

“Punishing bad actors is a must, and IAB supports stronger laws to protect kids, but blaming data and technology for complex problems, and restricting or eliminating digital advertising, could severely diminish the benefits of the internet for everyone. Representing leading brands, publishers, marketers, tech companies and ad agencies, IAB is eager to work with the President and his administration to ensure a safe online environment for kids and adults alike, while also fostering a flourishing economy and society.”

IAB is a member of Privacy for America and helps its member companies to comply with federal guidelines to protect children online.

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