IAB Responds to the Federal Trade Commission’s Latest Overreach

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Executive Vice President for Public Policy Lartease Tiffith issued the following statement in response to the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed changes to its 2020 Facebook Order:

“The FTC has again chosen to overreach and usurp Congressional authority by taking an action beyond its role, remit and responsibility. Even one of the current Commissioners openly questions whether there is a nexus between the original order, the alleged intervening violations, and the modified order. The FTC has requested an additional $160 million in its annual budget request to Congress. We believe the agency has shown that it is not capable of using taxpayers’ dollars wisely and judiciously. Congress should reject any increase in funding. When a federal agency repeatedly steps outside of its jurisdiction, as the FTC has, it is time for Congress to intervene.”

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