New cross-device experiences and our approach to better together

These media experiences are great examples of how Android is built to enable cross-device experiences, alongside operating systems like ChromeOS. It starts first with our principles: Android and Chrome OS were both built to be flexible, open and able to work seamlessly together. And it continues with Android’s three-layer technology stack that recognizes your proximity to another device and context in how you use it, to bring you a new level of convenience and ease of use. The first layer recognizes what devices are physically close by, with wireless technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and ultra-wideband (UWB). The second layer is nearby device discovery and context-aware capabilities that identify which device you may want to use based on your current activity. Finally, the third layer understands and adjusts actions based on how you interact with your devices with cross-device intelligence.

To make it easier and simpler to use multiple devices, we’ve added features like Fast Pair, Nearby Share and Chromecast built-in. We’ve built on Android’s long history of personalization and intelligence to create more tailored experiences based on your preferences, from audio switching to copy and paste between your devices. And we ensure our partners are able to easily bring these experiences to their products by using our development kit.

The technology we use to make your devices work together is built with privacy and security at the heart. You’re in control of your data, including location data. For example with Nearby Share, we set device visibility to private, and offer the ability to change visibility to everyone, all of your contacts or just your own devices.

We hope to see you at CES this week in our booth at Central Plaza-1, where we’ll share how our technology stack makes it easier to manage and bring media and other experiences with you across your devices.

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