17 startups using AI to change the future of cybersecurity

The program officially kicks off in the Google Safety Engineering Center in Munich on February 15. Over the next three months, each startup will work one on one with Google AI and cybersecurity experts through personalized workshops and mentoring sessions to grow their businesses responsibly.

Learn more about our newest cohort below. And visit startup.google.com for more information about Google for Startups Growth Academy and other Google for Startups offerings.

The full cohort

Alma Security (New York, U.S.): Alma Security is a security guard for your apps. It integrates effortlessly into any production environment — no code changes required — to make sure your apps are protected from end to end.

Authologic (Warsaw, Poland): Authologic is building a global e-ID hub via API for government-issued digital IDs, identity wallets and bank IDs.

BforeAI (Montpellier, France): BforeAI helps companies predict attacks before they happen and defends against fake websites or accounts that try to damage a company’s reputation.

Blacklight (London, UK): Blacklight is a super-smart security system. It uses AI to track down threats, figure out which ones are most dangerous and prevent these cyberattacks before they cause problems.

Cakewalk (Berlin, Germany): Cakewalk is Access Management, made neat. They help fast-moving companies make their employees’ access to apps seamless and secure. The platform enables full app discovery, automated access requests, and secure on- and offboarding.

Cesare.ai (Paris, France): Cesare.ai specializes in making AI actionable across various industries. It transforms LLMs into professional tools companies can use as a business generator — securely augmenting teams and scaling operations with industry-specific, secure AI solutions.

Ethiack (Coimbra, Portugal): Ethiack is an autonomous ethical hacking platform that keeps systems safe from cyber attacks by constantly testing for weaknesses, finding vulnerabilities and sharing how to fix them.

Gomboc.ai (New York, U.S.): Gomboc.ai automatically fixes cloud security problems while making sure everything still works correctly, including any security policy violations. It’s like a smart mechanic for your cloud systems.

HACKERverse (Chicago, U.S.): HACKERverse is an AI-driven cybersecurity marketplace, community and digital events host. The HACKERverse marketplace allows Chief Information Security Officers and other buyers to kick the tires on solutions they’re considering via automated demos — so they can try before they buy.

Kriptos (Miami, U.S.): Kriptos is a software that analyzes, classifies and labels documents automatically using AI. Kriptos prevents data leakage, enhances cybersecurity strategies and achieves compliance regulations.

LetsData (Dover, U.S.): LetsData offers AI radar against disinformation. It provides real-time media and social media monitoring in more than 50 countries, empowering state agencies, businesses and civil societies to proactively navigate risks and seize opportunities in the face of disinformation.

Nijta (Lille, France): Nijta helps companies use recorded customer calls to improve their services while protecting customer privacy. They use AI to change the voices in the recordings so people can’t be identified.

Patchstack (Pärnu, Estonia): Patchstack is a cybersecurity company focused on covering the complete lifecycle of open-source security — identifying new security vulnerabilities and helping open-source vendors fix security issues and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Quantum Dice (Oxford, UK): Quantum Dice uses the fundamental quantum properties of light to enable secure encryption, through its patented self-certifying Quantum Random Number Generator.

ShareID (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France): ShareID is an authentication-as-a-service solution that makes authentication to sensitive or regulated services extra secure. It uses your official government ID and pairs it with a facial scan, ensuring it’s unmistakably you.

Talsec (Brno, Czech Republic): Talsec is like a security agent inside your phone apps. It makes special tools for app developers that protect apps from hackers, hide important information and find sneaky malware.

Zepo (Ciudad Real, Spain): Zepo offers businesses an integrated and automated solution, powered by AI, to address the biggest cybersecurity gap: human risk. Zepo’s intelligence helps customers safeguard employees and the digital workplace.

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