4 ways Google Nest makes it easy to save energy

If you’re looking for ways to save energy, your home is a great place to start. With colder weather just around the corner, Nest has many devices and features that can help you incorporate energy-efficient practices into your daily routine — including Nest thermostats. In fact, Nest thermostat users have saved more than 117 billion kWh of energy: That’s enough to power 1 million electric vehicles driving around the earth 15 times each.

Check out a few ways Nest thermostats can help you save energy this season:

1. Set up energy-efficient schedules

Setting up a temperature schedule can really help you save. Auto-Schedule on the Nest Learning Thermostat automatically creates a schedule based on your preferences, while Quick Schedule on the Nest Thermostat provides smart prompts to help you easily build a schedule that works best for you. You can also enable Eco Temperatures on any Nest thermostat, which automatically switches to energy-saving temperatures after it senses nobody’s home.

2. Take advantage of cleaner or cheaper energy

Energy Shift, available to Nest Renew members, works with your compatible Nest thermostat to make small, subtle temperature adjustments that help you shift energy use to cleaner or cheaper times.

3. Adjust your temperature with the seasons

When seasons change, you can take advantage of the Seasonal Savings feature on your Nest thermostat, which makes very small adjustments to your schedule over the course of a few weeks to increase efficiency. For example, as it gets colder in the fall, it might slightly lower your nighttime temperature to save energy while still keeping you warm.

4. Avoid energy rush hours

When you enroll in Rush Hour Rewards, your Nest thermostat automatically adjusts temperatures before and during peak demand surges — also known as energy “rush hours” — to lower energy use and grid costs while still keeping you at a comfortable temperature. And of course, you’re always in control and can adjust the temperature at any time. Some local energy companies even offer incentives, like credits on your electricity bill or discounts on a Nest thermostat, when you sign up for Rush Hour Rewards.

For Energy Efficiency Day on October 4, some local energy companies are offering a Nest Thermostat for as low as $0. Or you can get the Nest Learning Thermostat for as low as $99 when you purchase through their online marketplace. Visit our energy rebate finder anytime to find your local provider, enroll in their Rush Hour Rewards program and purchase an instantly rebated Nest thermostat.

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