5 Google Chrome tips for college students

3. Pick your research back up with grouped history

You may need to put down projects to head to class, focus on another assignment or meet up with friends. Quickly pick your research back up with grouped history (previously known as Journeys). Type a word related to what you were working on into the address bar. Then select “Resume browsing” to see your relevant history grouped together in the side panel. You can also find grouped history by accessing your full Chrome History from the three-dot menu. From that page, select the “grouped history” tab.

4. Create strong passwords for your online school accounts

In addition to registering your overall school account, some classes might require you to sign up for different platforms to access your course materials. That’s a lot of passwords to remember. Google Password Manager in Chrome can generate unique passwords for you, securely save them, and autofill them the next time you need to log into an account.

5. Study more efficiently with Chrome extensions

The Chrome Web Store has plenty of extensions to help you get your schoolwork done more efficiently. One of our favorites is Compose AI, which you could use to edit a research paper or complete a sentence you’re struggling to write. Other great options include Todoist to keep track of your assignments for the week, and SwiftRead to help you speed-read through webpages.

If you’re looking for even more Chrome features, check out our recommended Chromebooks for college students: The Acer Spin 714 is an easy touchscreen convertible, great for a study session in the library. Meanwhile, the HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook is a premium clamshell device for both indoor and outdoor use. Framework Chromebook is another option for tinkerers who want more customizability.

No matter what device you’re using, Chrome is constantly adding new features so you can get through your school day and stay safe on the web. So make sure you keep Chrome up to date for the latest security protections and productivity tools to help you ace this year.

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