Adtelligent Product Updates 2023 Recap

At Adtelligent, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience using our solutions. To achieve this goal, we are continuously developing new tools and features that can enhance your user experience. To keep you informed about the latest updates, we have compiled a list of the most important things you need to know.

So, stay tuned in 2024 and keep enjoying our solutions and services.

Supply Side Platform

2-step verification implemented for all users

Enabling two-factor authentication adds a layer of security to the user’s account on the SSP Platform.

Add a new type of integration”Search” and “Native” to SSP

We added two new integration types to our system: “Search” for search traffic and “Native” for native ads.

Attributes adding: object Deal

Additional attributes, object deal, and a new Paragraph Pricing and Auction Settings were added to the PMP object in the Basic Campaign settings of RTB/PBS campaigns. 

Open RTB Settings Paragraph now consists of: 

  • Demand Type 
  • X-Openrtb version header
  • Notification URL processing 
  • API 
  • Protocols
  • Misc settings

Bidding strategy

A new section under Auction settings called Bidding Rules was added to the Basic RTB/PBS campaign settings. This section contains rules for:

  • Bid pricing
  • Min/Max response bid
  • Fixed floor
  • Override Floor
  • Add to the Floor price

The Min/Max Bid button in the Bidding strategy section of basic RTB/PBS campaigns settings was renamed to Min/Max response bid.

A new PMP Bid field was added to the Basic Auction settings for RTB/PBS campaigns. 

The settings are when PMP + Bidfloor is the auction price type picked. When the value is set in this field, it is the agreed-upon deal price when passed in the bid floor.

Support OpenRTB Version 2.6

We updated our Ad Servers to the latest version of RTB 2.6.

Channel Sync + Advertiser Sync

We have added synchronization at the advertiser’s level. The same advertiser should support synchronization for both Prebid server demand and RTB.

GDPR Applies

AdServer for all traffic supports GDPR rules using GDPR macro On the Adserver level. 

Support Android 14 and iOS 17 versions

The Advanced Campaign settings now allow targeting mobile devices running Android 14 OS or iOS 17 OS. These operating systems are found in the OS filter in the Targeting section.

Browser Targeting for any campaign types

The latest update in the Campaign settings now offers the option to target specific web browsers for all types of ad campaigns.

Canadian regions

Canadian provinces were added to the Countries filter in the Advanced Campaigns settings. Users can now target Canadian regions when only selecting Canada.

Viewability events added for Video Traffic

The updated video wrapper can now track desktop and mobile viewability (50% of ad’s pixels on in-focus browser) and record viewability events as metrics in SSP stats for Video Traffic.

Generate sellers.json option for downloading

Added Generate sellers.json button to Channels menu in SSP member zone to download JSON file with enabled channels.

New filter in the Targeting section

A new filter was added to the Targeting section of Advanced Campaign Settings. It enables filtering by IP, Dayparting, ZIP Codes, Adomain, Universal Lists, Creative IDs, SID lists, DMA codes, Publisher IDs, and Ad Categories.


New prebid partner – Stroeer

A new partner prebid server adapter was added to the SSP – Stroeer. 

The code for its integration is available on Github:

New prebid partner – FreeWheel

A new partner prebid server adapter was added to the SSP – FreeWheel


Support of sec-ch macros

Adtelligent now supports the following macros:

  • {sec-ch-ua}
  • {sec-ch-ua-mobile}
  • {sec-ch-ua-full-version}
  • {sec-ch-ua-full-version-list}
  • {sec-ch-ua-platform}
  • {sec-ch-ua-platform-version}
  • {sec-ch-ua-arch}
  • {sec-ch-ua-wow64}
  • {sec-ch-ua-bitness}
  • {sec-ch-ua-model}

Their operation follows: system parses request headers and substitutes macro with corresponding data.

A new macro and parameter called Skippability was added

A new macro and parameter called Skippability was added to the Player section in the Tag constructor at Source Settings: &skippability = {skippability}

New Application parameters and macros were added

A new parameter and macro were added to the Application section of the Tag constructor at Source Settings.

New playback_method parameters and macros were added

A new parameter and macro ‘playback_method‘ were added to the General section of the Tag constructor at Source Settings.

New Content parameters and macros were added

A new Сontent episode and Сontent title parameter and macro were added to the Content Category section of the Tag constructor at Source Settings.

Header Bidding Platform

General Platform Updates

  • The prebid version has been updated to 7.37
  • Multiple sizes support AMP slots
  • Create a new ad type, “Sidewall”

Smart Player Updates

  • Player redesign & UI improvements
  • Ability to hide player (collapse empty <div>) if no video ads were fetched
  • Video Player detach settings and behaviors
  • Default Player Sizes, Minimum Player Size Restrictions
  • Ability to assign content to a specific page
  • Added video preview in content> Specific Video

Wrapper Updates

  • Ability to set strict domain instructions via allow_domain buyer setting
    • allow_domain: ! = strictly without subdomains
    • allow_domain: = * wildcard with all subdomains
  • Full support of Intent IQ User ID Module Adjustments 
  • Architecture update: Extension of Ad Unit model that allows adding unit behavioral settings
  • Ability to set a parent and a child for ad unit
  • Deprecation of Xandr Managed Prebid server compatibility
  • Ability to run ads in a friendly or secure frame from a specific bidder/buyer
  • Ability to Start Pause Bidder completely via Settings > Bidder Adjustments
  • Simplification of Amazon UAM parallel integration.
  • Ability to target specific AdUnits
  • Simplification of A/B testing functionality

Demand Side Platform

New formats in the Line Item section

The Line Items section of the DSP now includes several new formats:

  • Linear OTT Video
  • Overlay Creative for OTT
  • Picture & Picture for OTT


  • An additional component in Key Value lists. A new column labeled ‘Code’ has been added to the Key-Value Lists in the Global Lists Tool section of the DSP.
  • A data mode flag is added to the Segments
  • Users can now choose on segment data type: by TTL or Max revision.


  • Creatives can be saved without an Audio record
  • Users can edit Creative’s status and categories
  • Assign a Category and a Subcategory to Creatives
  • “Quick Preview” option for Interruption Video


  • Open AvgCPC metric for the clients. The new metric ‘AvgCPC’ is now available in the reports – Wizard.
  • Metrics regarding “Ad Space” added to a client level. ‘Ad Space Available,’ ‘Ad Space Filled Percent,’ and ‘Ad Viewed Percent‘ are displayed at the client level.
  • A new metric for OTT and Content Providers. A new ‘Total Earned‘ value is now displayed in the OTT and Content Provider levels table.
  • AVB option. % of Agency fee was added in a new field: ‘AVB’.


  • Pacing for Line Items updates

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