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Adtelligent Product Updates Q3 2022

Adtelligent is focused on providing the best technical solutions for its partners and customers while constantly improving and bringing its products up to date. You can find the latest ones below: Supply Side Platform 1. ‘Constant logging’ option  (Screenshot 1. Constant logging) New feature capturing logs of incoming/outgoing ad requests and ad responsesis now available for […]

OTT & CTV Explained In 5 Minutes

What is OTT? OTT, which is short for ‘Over-the-Top,’ refers to the process of streaming video content via the internet, so it goes ‘over-the-top’ of a standard satellite or cable TV system without the need to subscribe to these more traditional TV services. So the OTT includes the possibility to view all kinds of TV […]

Guide: How To Integrate Header Bidding In 60 Min

What is header bidding?  Header bidding, also called advance bidding or pre-bidding, allows publishers to simultaneously offer ad space for sale to many SSPs or ad exchanges. The technology is based on prebid.js – a free and open-source library that ensures a quick integration. By permitting multiple bidders to place bets on the same inventory simultaneously, publishers […]

What Is Consent Management Platform

Consent management platform Consent management platform or CMP is a solution for the websites developed to manage users’ consent and how their personal information is processed and inform such users of the details of data processing related to their visit. For example, when someone visits a web source, a pop-up message usually appears on the screen to […]

Celebrating Small Business Week 2022

Last week the US celebrated National Small Business Week, recognising the country’s 32 million small businesses. New business applications grew by more than 30 percent over the course of the pandemic, with over 5 million new applications in 2021 alone. One of the most important issues facing small businesses today is the state of the […]

Adtelligent Product Updates Q1 2022

Adtelligent focuses on providing the best technical solutions for its partners and customers while constantly improving and bringing its products up to date.  We want to keep you updated on all vital changes within our platforms. You can find the latest ones below.  Adtelligent Core  A beta version of Adtelligent CMP is now available. You […]

DanAds – Tyrone Crowie, Opera

What motivated Opera to adopt a self-serve ad sales platform? Opera has grown exponentially in the past 3 years in its Ad division, but noticed that 80% of sales and operational efforts were spent on 20% of the revenue generated. After careful analysis, we decided that in order to reduce the amount of time spent, […]

Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers In 2022

What is CPM Ad Network? Ad networks work as mediators between publishers and advertisers. For example, a CPM ad network offers inventory based on a CPM model. CPM is an abbreviation for “Cost Per Mile,” or cost per thousand impressions, and it is the best metric to monitor ad performance. It refers to the cost […]

Advertisers and consumers are losing faith in Facebook. So what’s next?

The possible reasons are many. They include increased competition from other social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, as well as the company’s less-than-stellar reputation when it comes to data privacy and a series of high-profile boycotts. When asked about the social platforms they advertise on, only Facebook was becoming less relevant to advertisers. High cost, lack […]

Offer test: Mobile Content offer in Portugal on Push

Apr 11, 2022 We are testing our offers from the offer wall and for this test we used a mobile content offer in Portugal. It’s a PIN submit and working for all carriers and Wifi traffic in Portugal. We tested this offer on mobile push traffic with an antivirus angle. With an offer test we […]

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