Expanding Meta Verified to Businesses in Canada

Earlier this year, we began testing Meta Verified for businesses in New Zealand to help provide more value to businesses and help them be discovered. Today, we’re expanding our test to businesses on Instagram and Facebook in Canada. 

Meta Verified is built to help businesses more easily stand out on our apps and build confidence with their customers, including letting their customers know they’re engaging with the right business. With a monthly subscription, businesses will gain access to a toolkit for their subscribed Facebook page or Instagram professional account that includes:

  • A verified badge confirming your business is validated and authentic.
  • Proactive impersonation monitoring for added brand protection.
  • Access to support and help troubleshooting account issues.
  • New ways to be discovered by being featured as a Meta Verified business, including appearing at or near the top of search results and as a recommended verified business to follow in feed. 

A Meta Verified business subscription complements the existing tools available to businesses on our apps today. We’re starting with subscription features that help small businesses achieve what they want most on the platform: to establish their brand and be discovered by new customers. As we learn from initial testing, we’ll continue to evolve our business offerings to add more value for businesses of all sizes, such as more tools for people to easily discover and engage with verified businesses on our apps. 

Monthly subscriptions are available for eligible businesses in Canada starting today for $36.99 CAD/month per Facebook page or Instagram account

Building safeguards from the start

Just as we did with our creator offering, Meta Verified for businesses is built with safeguards in mind from the start. We want businesses to feel confident their brands are protected on our apps, and people to feel confident the verified businesses they interact and message with are legitimate. As such, we’ve built a multi-step verification process and various checks into Meta Verified before, during, and after a business subscribes. For Instagram and Facebook subscriptions: 

  • Businesses must meet eligibility requirements, including minimum tenure of Business Account and selected Facebook page / Instagram account, minimum page/account activity, and have 2Fac turned on.
  • Business information must be validated and applicants must verify their connection to the business with methods such as phone number, email or domain verification.
  • Subscriptions include proactive monitoring for business impersonation.

Learn more about Meta Verified for businesses here.

1. When you subscribe to Meta Verified on Instagram, the verified badge will also appear on Threads, if applicable. When you subscribe to Meta Verified on Facebook, the badge will also appear on Messenger, if applicable. 
2. Subscribers who advertise with Meta already receive the Meta Verified Instagram and Facebook account support benefit.
3. All Meta Verified subscribers and their content must meet our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. All content will be treated according to our existing guidelines for recommendations on Instagram or Facebook and our Content Guidelines. Subscribers will appear at or near the top of search results when a user query exactly matches a verified business name.
4. At this time, subscriptions for Canadian businesses are only available for purchase on mobile and are limited to 1 business asset subscription (Facebook page or Instagram pro account). The ability to purchase a bundled subscription for Facebook and Instagram will be available in the future.
5. Once verified, businesses may not change business details such as name or profile picture. In the future, Meta Verified businesses that wish to change their business details will need to undergo verification review again.

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