Meta Quest 3: The Holiday Gift That Transforms Your Home

Meta Quest 3, our latest headset, uses breakthrough mixed reality to provide new immersive experiences. From busting ghosts in your living room, to dancing in a VR Zumba studio or getting a courtside view of NBA games, there’s lots to explore on Quest 3.

With hundreds of apps and experiences to choose from, here are a few that showcase what’s possible on Quest 3. 

Learn Piano Without Having to Actually Buy a Piano

Looking for a new hobby? By blending your physical surroundings with the virtual world, Quest 3 can help you try new activities you might not have considered before. Take PianoVision (available now), which teaches you how to play a piano without actually having to buy one yourself. It uses a digital overlay to turn any flat surface, like your kitchen table, into a keyboard. Or if you have a real piano and just need some lessons, it can show you which keys to place your fingers on and when to press and hold each key during a song. 

Pianovision has over 1,000 songs with varying levels of difficulty, and you can also upload your own tracks to practice with.

A GIF of PianoVision, which uses digital overlay to turn a flat surface into a keyboard.

Meditate Without Distractions 

Headspace, the popular mental health support app, is coming to Quest 3 in 2024. Designed to be a virtual playground for your mind, Headspace offers activities to help manage your stress, meditate, stay focused and feel more energized. And with virtual reality, Quest 3 removes distractions in the physical world, fully immersing you in your meditation or mindful activity. 

A GIF of a woman putting on a Quest 3 headset to see a variety of relaxing images in the Headspace app.

Experience Your Favorite Artists’ Concerts Right From Your Living Room

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a legendary concert venue, but not everyone can make the trip to Denver, Colorado to catch their favorite artists. With Quest 3, you’ll soon be able to enjoy some of these outdoor concerts from the comfort of your couch with Red Rocks: Live in VR, and even meet up with friends and watch them together virtually.

The Red Rocks series is just one of the immersive free concert series on Quest, which include performances from Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Notorious B.I.G., Foo Fighters and an upcoming performance from BLACKPINK. 

A GIF of a concert in Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Collaborate Seamlessly With Colleagues 

While video calls are still useful for talking to coworkers from around the world, Quest 3 can help make those meetings more collaborative and natural. Meta Horizon Workrooms lets people come together in a virtual office to brainstorm ideas, work on documents, hear updates from the team, or just hang out and socialize.

On Quest 3, Workrooms uses virtual and mixed reality to enable features like desk and keyboard tracking, hand tracking, remote desktop streaming, video conferencing, spatial audio, avatars and more – all to help you get more done and connect as if you’re together in person.

A GIF showing coworkers waving to one another and collaborating in a virtual environment.

Order your Quest 3 headset today just in time for the holidays.

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