Offering People More Choice on How They Can Use Our Services in the EU

People using Instagram and Facebook in the EU, EEA and Switzerland will soon be offered several choices about how they would like to manage their experiences across Meta products. We are offering these choices to address the requirements of the DMA, which enter into force in March 2024.

Helping People Understand the Choices They Will Be Able to Make

Over the next few weeks, people will receive notifications that will inform them about their ability to choose  whether they would like to share information between our services. Some of the choices that users will be able to make include:

  • Information use between Facebook and Instagram: People who have already chosen to connect their Instagram and Facebook accounts will be able to choose either: 
  • to continue to connect their accounts through our Accounts Center so that their information will be used across their Instagram and Facebook accounts; or 
  • to manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts separately so that their information is no longer used across accounts. 

Further details on how we will use information differently depending on the choices people can make can be found here.

  • Facebook Messenger: People using Facebook Messenger can choose whether they wish to continue using Facebook Messenger with their Facebook account, or if they would prefer to create a stand-alone new Messenger account. People who choose to create a new Messenger account without their Facebook information will be able to use Messenger’s core service offering such as private messaging and chat, voice and video calling.
  • Facebook Marketplace: People using Facebook Marketplace can choose between a Marketplace experience that uses their Facebook information or not. For people who choose to use their Facebook information for their Marketplace experience, the current Marketplace experience will remain. People who choose not to use their Facebook information for their Marketplace experience will still be able to browse listings and to buy and sell items, with key differences being that communication between buyers and sellers will be via email instead of Facebook Messenger.
  • Facebook Gaming: People who play games on Facebook can choose between a gaming experience that uses their Facebook information or an experience without their Facebook information. People who choose to use their Facebook information for the games they play on Facebook will have features like multiplayer games, in-game purchases, and personalised game suggestions. People who choose not to use their Facebook information for the games they play on Facebook can play some single-player games.
  • Ads: People in the EU, EEA and Switzerland also have the ability to use Instagram and Facebook for free with ads, or subscribe to stop seeing ads. If people  subscribe to stop seeing ads, their information will not be used for ads. This choice rolled out in November 2023.

Beyond these new choices, everyone using Facebook and Instagram services will continue to benefit from the extensive range of existing tools that we have built to give people choice over the information they share and how we process their data. 

Meta Is Committed to Complying With Evolving European Regulation

The DMA seeks to promote contestability and fairness in digital markets – an ambition that Meta supports. We are committed to continue working hard to ensure that Meta’s products in the EU comply with the DMA and deliver value to people – we have assembled a large cross-functional team staffed by senior employees from around the globe and across our entire family of apps to achieve that.

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