Scout: Record-Breaking CTV Ad Spend, How Agencies are Using AI, and More

Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so you don’t have to. Here’s what to read from the week of 8/18/23 – 8/24/23 to stay ahead of the curve:

A new report detailing ad spend across streaming platforms like Max, Roku, and YouTube says that June was a record-setting month for CTV advertising. Surprising? Not necessarily, especially given how the writer’s and actor’s strikes are impacting linear TV.

Talk of generative AI is everywhere, but are you wondering how advertisers are actually implementing it in their work? This regularly-updated roundup details how agencies, holding companies, and consultants are using GenAI.

This is a must read, especially in light of recent legal developments: Digiday looks back at the history of consumer privacy regulation to predict how the use of generative AI in advertising may develop and become regulated.

AI has come a long way, but one thing it still can’t do is replace the human marketers running programmatic campaigns. Until that day comes, marketers will need to assess what programmatic approach is right for their brand—whether it’s outsourcing, in-housing, or somewhere in between. This piece lays out everything those marketers need to know.

Test Your Digital Advertising Knowledge!

Show off your marketing chops with our question of the week. This week’s hot topic: Brand safety.

What percentage of industry professionals think generative AI poses a brand safety and misinformation risk to digital marketers?

A. 77.6%

B. 99.5%

C. 81.9%

D. 65.5%

Get the answer, plus a rundown of brand safety threats on social media and how to deal with them, right here.

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