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Another week, another weekly recap of viral news! Culture moves fast, so we at Cassandra keep our eyes and ears open to catch the most relevant matters young people can’t stop talking about. Today’s topics include a discussion on performative philanthropy, a streaming platform letting people down, and a lot of drama in the beauty space. So let’s dig right into this week’s edition of viral news.

Image of Mr Beast's Logo


… and shares it on the internet. The biggest name on Youtube has created a devoted fan base thanks to his disposition to give to others and share fun experiences while doing so. In his latest stunt, Mr. Beast paid for eye surgery for 1000 blind people and even gifted $10,000 to some of them. The video posted on his channel —which already has over 78 million views— documented the process, reactions, and life-changing moments for these people in their journey of regaining sight. Many praise all the good Mr. Beast puts out in the world, but others question the “sponsored philanthropy” nature of a content creator that gives to the less fortunate while profiting from views and brand deals. Another angle taken in this discussion turns the heat toward the institutions and the current state of healthcare in the country that allows —as said in the video by SEE surgeon— half of the blind population to continue without sight because of the lack of access to a 10-minute procedure.

Image of a screenshot on Netflix's Twitter from 2017 that says "Love is sharing a password"


“Where is the love?” people are asking Netflix, referencing the 2017 tweet the company shared on its page claiming “Love is sharing a password” after the streamer’s recent update to its rules and regulations for multiple users in one account. The new limitations put into place will not allow people in different physical locations to share a Netflix account. They will constantly verify users using IP addresses and two-step verification tactics to accomplish this more strict modality. It’s an understatement to say that the internet is furious. Some are taking this pivot to finally make the call to cancel the service, given that this is only another disappointment in a series of recent questionable decisions the company has taken. With controversies left and right, cancellation of favorite shows, and an alleged decline in the quality of the content, Netflix might need to take a good listen to its user base if they want to return to their “Streaming Superstar” status any time soon.

Image of the TikTok logo and L'Orèal's telescopic lengthening mascara paired with the hashtag "#MascaraGate". The elements are overlayed on a navy triangle over a light blue background


Suppose your FYP has yet to be overflowing with people talking about mascara. In that case, you might miss out on a fascinating conversation about influencers, trust, and —let’s face it— some very fun tea. After beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira shared with her 14 million TikTok followers a video singing praises to L’Orèal’s telescopic lengthening mascara claiming “it changed her life,” some users started questioning if she added to her final look some “help” in the form of fake eyelashes to make the product look more effective. Besides all the TikTo’s making fun of the alleged ruse, and even some condemned names resurfacing with opinions on the “lashlighting,” the online conversation shifted towards the responsibility a big influencer like Mikayla has with her followers and the role of honesty in paid partnerships.

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