YouTube’s AI-powered solutions enhance ad creativity

These features empower marketers to take charge of their creative. AI can help turbocharge performance by tuning creative elements across all the different viewing experiences and content that YouTube viewers love.

Expanding reach and revolutionizing ad engagement

YouTube has evolved into a multi-screen, multi-format powerhouse. Google’s AI innovations help marketers unlock the platform’s massive potential across every experience, from Connected TV viewing to Shorts. Unlike traditional linear TV, our AI-driven approach ensures that your ads are displayed in the most relevant context, delivering unparalleled engagement and driving better results.

eBay has seen incredible results by leaning into YouTube’s full-funnel media solutions and adding vertical video assets to all of their ad groups. Across Google AI-powered video campaign types (Video reach, Video view and Video action campaigns), eBay’s conversion rates have increased 34% and their CPMs have decreased 11%. eBay’s view rate on Shorts is up 114% after creating over 100 new assets and using Video reach campaigns and Video view campaigns to run on Shorts and in-feed inventory.

The breadth of YouTube’s reach, combined with the precision of AI, is changing the dynamics of ad placement, leading to more meaningful interactions and return on investment.

Envisioning new creative horizons

YouTube’s AI-powered ecosystem offers marketers a toolbox brimming with innovative solutions to fuel their creative pursuits. That includes generative AI solutions which help small businesses craft eye-catching visuals and dub video ads or multiply creative assets for multiple formats.

As technology continues to advance, we envision AI becoming an essential creative partner for marketers, aiding in conceptualization, execution and analysis. We look forward to building this new future with you.

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